Water Bodies & Fountain Maintenance

Water Bodies & Fountain Maintenance

Our experienced fountain maintenance professionals can provide expert advice and propose a variety of different service programs to ensure a lasting, beautiful and safe water feature. Our fountain maintenance programs are designed to both extend the life of your fountain, and lower operating costs. We'll even help train your team to manage your water feature in our absence..

Water Bodies
Artificial Cascade Fall

Scope Of Work

  • To carry out the vacuum cleaning to clear the bottom of fountain and keep it free from all dust particles as and when required.
  • To ensure back washing the filter to keep the high reading of pressure gauge maintained on the filter at the required level.
  • To ensure rinsing of filter sand to be done in each operation and then back washing to keep the filter media free from all dirt.
  • To treat fountain water suitably with chemicals.
  • To keep the chlorine level and PH level of water at normal position.
  • To check all the washer ball, spray nozzles, valves etc. completely during every operation.
  • To ensure that fountain functioning at desired timings.
  • To check and clean all other things essential for maintenance and operation of the fountain.
  • Monthly Maintenance

    Monthly fountain maintenance helps ensure that your fountain is operating at peak efficiency throughout the year and mitigates the possibility of critical systems failure; it also ensures that your water feature continues to add value to your property..

    Quarterly Maintenance

    If your fountain is not being maintained on a monthly basis then quarterly maintenance is essential. Without proper maintenance, your fountain is at risk of equipment failure and is can quickly become more of a liability than an asset.

    Complaint Visits

    As and when some complaint arises in the unit, a service Engineer will make a visit within 48 hours of complaint login time. On the visit we will find the route cause for the system to break down and solve it. Replacing all the broken & damaged spares immediately.