Cooling Tower Maintenance

Hydrova provides a comprehensive cooling tower maintenance process that is broken down into three sections- Cleaning, Inspection & Ensure Proper Operation

FRP Towers
Timber Towers
RCC Cooling Towers
Fibreglass Pultrusion Towers

Scope Of Work


Our cleaning process includes two rounds of cleaning. We start by completely draining the tower basin, which is then followed by scrapping & power washing of fill cells and the interior framework of tower basin to breakdown all mineral buildup. Once the basin is thoroughly cleaned, our technicians proceed to clean the hot deck, distributor nozzles & heat exchanges if applicable. After one round of tower cleaning, we then proceed to refill the tower with water to remove all broken down mineral buildup. Tower is drained a second time and our technicians conduct a final cleaning to remove any additional mineral buildup. After second draining our technicians’ clean strainers and in let pumps getting rid of any leftover dirt & sediments.


After cleaning our team conducts a full cooling tower inspection including examination of tower frame and basin for rust, corrosion, metal fatigue and possible leaks. We also check all fans, motors, bearings, belts, transmissions, drive shafts, couplings, and sheaves for wear. Bearings and motors are greased in applicable. Our technicians inspect every inch of the cooling tower recording any recommendation for repair to ensure the life of your facilities cooling tower. All final recommendations are then provided to the customer and repairs are made upon approval.

Ensure Proper Operation

After a complete inspection of the cooling tower we proceed with filling the basin with water to proper operating level. Our technicians check and adjust float, distributor pans, and balance for equal water level. At this point we proceed to operate the cooling tower and record any signs of unusual noise or vibration to inform customer. While in operation we verify proper sizing of motor overload protection devises and operation of safeties and basin heaters. We then check calibration and control set-points for proper sequence of operation.

Our maintenance results & findings are recorded on a professional inspection report and any recommendations for repair of improper operation are provided to the customer. Before and after photos of cooling tower cleaning are also taken as a proper record keeping process.